Our History

Since 1984 ab medica has increasing established itself at the forefront of the sector of technologies dedicated to specialised areas of medicine and surgery.

Over time, resourcefulness, determination and passion have enabled its leaders to explore new avenues with courage. Thanks to the thrust given by concrete ideas it has been possible to address business challenges from an ever more mature, solid and knowledgeable base.

Among the first companies to bring gasless laparoscopic surgery to Italy, ab medica has always relied heavily on innovative technology: the da Vinci robotic system was introduced in 1999 and Cyberknife, a robotic system for full-body stereotactic radiosurgery arrived in Italy in 2003. In recent years, the company has been looking to the future more intensely with the establishment, in 2008, of Genomnia, a spin-off focused on genetic research and diagnostics, and the acquisition, in 2009, of A TLC, a leading company in telecommunications and, in 2010, of Telbios, a company working in the telemedicine sector.

Year of foundation
Introduction of the first multilumen catheter in Italy
Gasless is the first system allowing gas-free laparoscopic surgery
Introduction of the amplatzer device used in heart surgery
First da Vinci robotic system
First cyberknife in Italy
Inauguration of the modern cleanroom and the research & development department
Establishment of Genomnia, spin-off devoted to genomic research and diagnostics, acquisition of Db2c, a french company at the forefront of producing instruments for minimally invasive surgery
Acquisition of A TLC, leading company in the field of telecommunications
Telbios, a company working in the telemedicine sector, enters the ab medica group
Introduction in italy of the first Mako robotic system for orthopaedic prosthetic surgery
The first 30 years of success
Acquisition of Officine Ortopediche Rizzoli, a historical italian company specialised in the production of prostheses and orthopaedic equipment