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easy kit®

Besides distribution, ab medica now boasts its own in-house production of innovative medical articles. This production is the outcome of technological research combined with constant attention to aspects which are of increasing importance for both patients and the future of healthcare. The approach is focused on excellence, making the ab medica-branded products ideal solutions for delivering the best quality of intervention and care.

EasyKit® is the ab medica brand name for the customised packs made in Medical Labs. The ab medica customised packs are sterile operating theatre kits designed for specific interventions.
Each component of the kit is selected and chosen to meet all the customer’s needs:

  • maximum safety thanks to collaboration with leading companies in the medical sector, use of best components that can be found currently on the market, and the development of innovative solutions;
  • continuous quality controls throughout the production cycle, guaranteeing the high standard of the components produced by ab medica and its partners, which are always compliant with relevant legislation;
  • the help and constant presence of specialists in procedural kits to advise and satisfy all requirements concerning the creation of the desired pack;
  • easy access to a huge range of ab medica products: planning, inventory management and reordering, split deliveries to meet the customer’s needs;
  • shorter preparation times, possibility of ordering only one item code, lower packaging and transport costs, product availability;
  • reduced dimensions, less packaging wastage, easy disposal, ecologically compatible.

The EasyKit® products: