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ab medica has recently launched a process of transformation and innovation with the aim of increasing its range of offers, with new products and services. To consolidate its reference role in the national telemedicine market, ab medica is committed to disseminating and marketing technologically innovative and avant-garde medical products for the home diagnosis, treatment and monitoring of patients.

Internationally, hospital telemedicine is enjoying a great deal of attention, particularly because of the large, demonstrated clinical benefits (reductions in mortality and complications) and financial advantages (fewer days in hospital, fewer inappropriate transfers, lower staff costs) from its applications in hospital settings.

There are several categories of applications of hospital telemedicine:

  • teleconsulting between different wards of the same hospital;
  • access to a specialist in an environment (typically intensive care) in which a fast, expert decision concerning a patient’s management can shorten the hospital stay and in which compliance with best clinical practice can reduce morbidity and mortality considerably;
  • teleconsulting between hospitals in a ‘Hub & Spoke’ arrangement, in which one medical centre supplies consultancy services to smaller hospitals, making its own specialists available so that complex cases can be managed without wasteful transfers, rendering the on-duty and on-call system more efficient;
  • telementoring and teletutoring, which allow operations and surgical procedures to be followed from a distance, for purposes of both training and proctoring.