The Mako system is a high-tech robotic platform for orthopaedic prosthetic surgery, which is distinguished from other currently used techniques by its greater precision, accuracy and reproducibility of the surgery. This leads to considerable sparing of the tissues involved in the operation (bone and cartilage) and guarantees better alignment of the parts of the prosthesis, extending the lifetime of the implant itself.
The MAKOplasty robotic surgery technique allows precise planning of the prosthesis on CT images, taking into consideration the specific anatomy of each patient, balancing the joint ligaments, the thickness of the cartilage, and the orientation, sliding and coupling of the components of the prosthesis. The robotic arm enables the surgeon’s plans, made with extreme precision on software, to be reproduced exactly in the patient, eliminating manual error.
Only this system from Mako Surgical Corp. has mature, world-certified technology which allows dynamic planning (kinematics of the knee, ligament balancing and prosthetic alignment to cartilage surfaces) on the real anatomy of the individual patient. This system helps to reduce errors of prosthesis positioning, thereby minimising the risk of joint instability, limbs of different lengths and short- to mid-term mobilisation of the implant as a result of abnormally concentrated loading forces on the components.

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