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ab medica s.a.s. is involved in the production of surgical instruments for laparoscopy and microlaparoscopy.

The step-by-step history

1984Creation of a microsurgery service company by Christian Lecomte.
Development of the first forceps for cardiac biospies by Professor Cabrol.
1993Founding of the DB2C company by Michel Duvemois and Jean-Luc Bluet.
The rapidly gained confidence in DB2C of many surgeons facilitated the marketing of a large range of instruments for professionals, especially within fields such as laparoscopy and cardiology.
1996First export of cardiac biopsy forceps to Japan.
1997First CE mark for the cardiac biopsy forceps and laparoscopy forceps.
2009Acquisition of DB2C by ab medica, a company presided by Aldo Cerruti whose primary aim is innovation of services to improve quality of care.
2010Granted ISO 13485 Certification for the production and distribution of medical devices.
2011Granted ISO 13485 Certification for the design, production and distribution of medical devices.
2013Creation of a new range of instruments for microlaparoscopy.
2014First FDA approval for the range of microlaparoscopic instruments.

The wide range of microlaparoscopy instruments enables scarless surgery, while maintaining essential characteristics such as stiffness of the surgical instrument, non-traumatic grip of tissues and precision of movement control. This affords the operator a high quality clinical performance and an excellent aesthetic outcome for the patient.

Product lines


The large range of products is distinguished by:

  • revolutionary access: the combination of an access smaller than 4 mm and a chuck with an expanding tip enables scarless surgery
  • optimal length
  • high level of stiffness
  • better non-traumatic grip

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