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Medical Labs, the production hub of ab medica, is a leader in the manufacture, assembly and testing of medical devices.
Its know-how, acquired in over 10 years of experience, allows Medical Labs to offer a vast range of personalised products in the sectors of customised packs and minimally invasive interventions.
Medical Labs boasts a modern, efficient ISO 08 cleanroom in which specialised staff produce over 250,000 customised kits each year.
The company exploits the most modern, state-of-the-art technology for the assembly of plastic and metal components in kits.
The mission of Medical Labs is to achieve optimal quality in the production process and extend this to all company processes, with the firm belief that a high quality process generates a high quality product.


Product lines:


EasyKit® is ab medica’s brand of custom packs produced in Medical Labs. These custom packs are sterile kits designed for specific interventions. Every single component of each kit is selected and chosen in order to meet all the customer’s needs.

Dolphin EVO® is the trade name of ab medica’s laparoscopic irrigator and aspirator, assembled, tested and packaged in Medical Labs. Dolphin EVO® is a medical device that stands out for its functionality and versatility of use in laparoscopic interventions.

SAM® is a disposable uterine manipulator, an ab medica brand made in Medical Labs. Thanks to its versatility and its particular trauma-sparing characteristic, SAM® is a fundamental instrument for use in diagnostic procedures and interventions to the uterus. The position lock allows the degree of anteroversion or retroversion desired by the surgeon to be maintained easily.

Alignment system, protection and support for guides and catheters on the sterile field in OR.
NESSY previene la caduta accidentale di guide e cateteri evitando rischi di sposizionamenti, ideale per accessi radiali, nelle procedure di cateterismo e anterogradi. Disponibile sterile o all’interno degli EasyKit.


Medical Labs, in close collaboration with ab medica’s Research & Development department, is also working on the design and construction of prototypes and small series of products for different areas of interest to the company.


Medical Labs s.r.l.
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Cantù (CO)
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