Research & Development

ab medica has always been active in research and development, an area in which more than 3% of the company’s turnover is currently invested. The projects undertaken are aimed at enhancing the range of products and services offered, guaranteeing a high level of innovation and state-of-the-art technology, as well as consolidating the leading role of ab medica in the development of technologically innovative and advanced medical products for the home diagnosis, treatment and monitoring of patients.
This is a process of evolution and innovation shared synergistically with other companies of the holding, which was started and is growing with the production hub and scientific park of ab medica, now employing more than 60 researchers.
The company is currently promoting important projects in the fields of tissue engineering, regenerative medicine, neurosciences, nanotechnology, telemedicine and medical device technology.
It has important collaborations with excelling industrial and scientific partners and a portfolio of over 15 patents.


The flagship R&D project of ab medica, the Cyberbrain medical device is an implantable electrode that acquires and monitors bioelectrical signals from the brain. It is currently a unique intracranial system for wireless transmission of brain signals, and can be used in cases of epilepsy to prevent seizures, in patients with motor neurone deficits to stimulate movements, to treat pain and for the development of the Brain Computer Interface.

Thanks to its expertise gained in the field of neurosciences, ab medica is also involved in the development of an externally worn device (a sort of helmet) for recording and transmitting brain signals. The use of this instrument in neurorehabilitation, for example in patients with neurodegenerative diseases or stroke victims, would facilitate a multidisciplinary approach to the rehabilitation protocol. Indeed, the device enables brain signals to be integrated with other vital parameters in a single, certified system and to interact with the surrounding environment through a telemonitoring platform, activating alarms, calls for action and requests for second opinions.


3% of the turnover invested in research projects
7 partnerships with scientific institutions
6 registered brands
15 international patents registered